Green Living Tips: What NOT to bring to the Beach

Green Living Tips: What NOT to bring to the Beach

Green parenting can be difficult when traveling to the beach, but we created a short list of items that would be better left at home; both for green living purposes as well as your kid’s health. Keeping beaches clean helps keep waste out of our waterways, as well as prevents dangerous, unhealthy things from hiding in the sand for children to cut themselves on.

Disposable Plastic

Plastic bags and wrappers are one of the most common pieces of trash collected in shoreline cleanup. Green parenting efforts all over the country and can decrease the 10.3 million pieces of trash that was found in last year’s international cleanup efforts. Green kid’s activities that you can encourage while on the beach are cleanup efforts along the beach as you go for walks. Tell your kids how they could be saving the lives of countless marine animals by picking up trash that could otherwise choke or suffocate living creatures.

Instead of disposable plastic, bring reusable! Keep the reusable bottles, plates and cutlery for another time, and always make sure to dispose of trash with lids so the trash won’t blow out to sea.

Glass Bottles

This is a no-brainer for green parents who want to keep their families and other families safe at the beach. Glass can very easily break and is hard to see in the sand. With countless children and babies crawling in the sand, infections from glass cuts at the beach are highly likely.

Instead of bringing glass, fill up a Thermos or a stainless-steel bottle before you go to the beach.


Pets are a lot of fun when going to the beach, but a lot of beaches actually prohibit pets, or only allow them during certain hours. This is due to safety and health of the crowds of people on beaches every day. Many times a pets waste can develop diseases that are easily transmittable to children and babies. If you do bring a pet, make sure its waste is properly disposed of.


Almost 11,000 were found in the international cleanup. Discarded diapers will not only start to smell but could also lead to the death of marine animals who think it is food.

When bringing a baby to the beach leave regular diapers at home. Instead, pack swim diapers. When they are used, dispose of them in the correct manner; in a trashcan with a lid, or bring them home.

Metal Detectors

Whereas metal detectors might be a fun green kid activity, many beaches actually prohibit them. Find out first if you need a permit and be conscious of the people around you who might be enjoying the beach as an escape from the world of technology.

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